We were driving south from Orlando to Florida Keys in April for our 2 week’s trip in Florida. It was 477.7km on the road, which is almost straight to the most south point of the States. All in total was around 5.5 hours excluding our short leg-stretching break in the middle. If you never experience such a boring and long road trip and you are actually planning it, what I shall tell next might make sense to you…

florida road trip

All in all we had just a normal car with a full tank of petrol and without GPS. Our drive started from around 2pm in the afternoon.

1. Phone with matched cable and a good package of prepaid SIM card with 3G/4G service

Either iPhone or Android, we kept ours in a charging model, and we bought a prepaid SIM card with 7-day Internet service, while we found the data consumption is quite ok for a Google Map navigation. What you need to do is to buy a proper card in the nearest 7-11 before you start the trip; insert your new SIM card while activating it by the simply steps inside your purchased package; and make sure you are really connected to the world again! To know the price, check here as reference.

2. A non-stop music radio channel with no commercials

This is pretty cool in the almost 6 hour trip. We were in the Orlando coverage for the first few hours, while when we are 1.5 hour around close to Miami, we got into this amazing channel covers all area including Florida Keys. Switch your radio to around 88.0 then try to locate it!

florida road trip

 3. A good camera to catch the moment during a red light

Yes, don’t feel asleep! I held my old SONY all the time (putting it in stand-by mode) and got excited when every time we drove close to a red light. Throughout the whole trip, I admit there are really limited spots, while I did have an interesting snapshot of this ‘lonely’ motel with a very proper name ‘Desert Inn’. I wonder whether it is open or not.

4. Cheesy popcorn and Coca-Cola

We were in America! I got my lovely Cheddar Cheese Popcorn in Disney World. We couldn’t finish the whole package event it’s only 8oz, and my two fingers were totally orange after 15 minutes of snack time. I don’t want to advertise the drink, while it almost became our first goal once we were on the road trip there. All in all, it was really worth to have some ‘unhealthy’ snack time on the way, for I spent more time and effort to feed myself while keeping feeding speed and portion in balance with my Mr. Driver, otherwise he will try to get them without safety control 😀

5. Sun glasses

We don’t wear sun-cream or hat crazily in the car even the daytime sun was quite strong and penetrating. My little black one (FENDI sunglasses 0022) was more than enough to give me a mild but still colourful and rich view of the whole land, lake, low buildings and cars on the way.

6. Flipper, but with socks

Don’t think it’s too weird, and of course, I didn’t wear them when I stepped out from the car. I really need a good and comfortable flipper (Havanas Slim) with me especially when I was talking about a long-hour drive. Whatever stretching my legs, getting my legs cross-over in the seat, flatting them just in front of the front-window, I need the maximum ease to get my feet out first! Well, socks are the second priority for after a while in the close ‘cabinet’ and sharing the AC within only 2 persons, you would definitely feel cold and from the bottom.

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