Summer coming, HOT! The first jumps into our mind is beach and sea, while I was lucky to play with sun much earlier this year. Early April, we flew to U.S. and right after landing, our first stop was Daytona Beach. A place sounds super unfamiliar to me while in the end, I found so much fun which I have to share with all of you who would like to go there some day…

夏天到了,热!我现在满脑子都充斥着蓝天白云细沙海水!幸运的是今年早春就有一次提早享受夏天的机会。四月头,我们一到奥兰多就马不停蹄的跟朋友驾车前往南海岸的著名海滩城市,Daytona Beach。第一去那里的我们兴奋的不的了,完全忘了近20个小时的旅途折腾。

cheerleading championship 2016 on daytona beach

(credit to brandonmjordan)

Cheerleading Championship

I cannot imagine we were such lucky ones to have a sexy & power show on our first morning on Daytona Beach. We were flying over 15 hours to U.S. plus a nearly 2hr driving down to Daytona town. After all this trip, those young and energetic really made us shamed. On the beach, near the sea wave, on the broadwalk, we found those jumping and dancing figures all the time. It is kind of typical American culture as well right? Now you might plan to visit there around the date of 9 April every year.



beach volleyball on daytona beach

Beach volleyball without sands

Oh yes! This is a super HOT beach sport almost everyone can try! We picked our signature Italian-color ball, and we started to simply switch the ball among us three without letting it fall down. It turned out super fun and energy-consuming, and very eye-catching to young passengers on the same beach. We even expended our little triangle to a team of 7! Perfecto! The only side-effect of playing it all afternoon was my red arms and painful feet.


Oh yes!沙滩排球,有这个机会的大家一定要上场试一试,没打过的、身手不好的都没关系,重在娱乐!我们在一边的商铺里挑了个意大利色的沙滩排球,也没有排球网,三个人就这么传球玩起来。想不到还吸引了不少过路客一起凑热闹,一度扩张到7人小队的模式!Perfecto!玩的是开心,不过也有反作用,红了的手腕不可避免,想不到脚底板也痛,最主要是那里的沙滩被过往的车子压得实实的,跟地板没两样!

fish bowl drink on daytona beach

62oz Fish Bowl 

If I’m on the beach, cold drink would be a must-item, which I believe everyone has this basic need. Well, since we had eye-exercise for the cheerleaders and body-exercise for the volleyball, it really didn’t matter that much we had stomach-exercise for the 62oz fish bowl! It was such a satisfying feeling when you were holding the fish bowl with sharp orange-color cocktail and lovely “Joe” (great white shark) on the top. It didn’t that tasty or alcoholic enough, but we were just like kids feeling purely happy.

Where we got this? Sloppy Joe’s


在沙滩上跑跳一下午,不被太阳晒干也要渴死了,大分量的冷饮是一定需要的!来来往往的,其实我们早就瞄准人手一个的圆形冷饮罐子了,抓了个美少女来问,我们才找到那家店铺。62盎司的“鲨鱼罐子”相当于1.75升的份量!拉拉队队长训练我们的眼球,沙滩排球训练我们的身体,现在轮到巨形冷饮训练我们的胃了。现在回想起来,当时人手(捧)一个fish bowl的情形还真是挺搞笑的,我选的是橘色的鸡尾酒,橙味小小甜,完全喝不出什么酒味,还挺清爽的,另外瓶口插着一个软胶做的大白鲨Joe,好满足!不知道是不是影射这个海域有大白鲨呢?


summer in daytona

Match to my style-makeup: What to wear for an active beach day in Daytona

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